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18 Excellent Happiness Bucket List Ideas

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I’m pleased to welcome Adenike to The Little Blog of Positivity to share with us her lovely ‘happiness bucket list’ ideas. 

My favourites were learning a new instrument (or in my case AN instrument) and also the one on reading a book a week.  I’m sooooo slow at reading and would love to read more.  Adenike has some useful tips as to how to build these ideas into your life.

Adenike says…


Having a happiness bucket list is going to do wonders for your life!


You get to write down a list of things that you know will make you happy.  It will also help you achieve your goals of becoming a healthier and more radiant version of yourself.

A happiness bucket list must be action-oriented, practical and possible so that you can achieve the things on your list.

When it comes to your happiness bucket list, you will need to dream big and be able to visualize yourself achieving each item on your bucket list.   You will also need to be able to focus your energy into making them a reality.

So without wasting any more time let’s get into some ideas to include on your happiness bucket list.


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18 excellent happiness bucket list ideas


1.  Taking A Drawing Lesson


I can’t tell you guys how much drawing has helped me.

Whenever I feel stressed or I’m frustrated about something, I pick up my pencil and sketchbook and I just start drawing.

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t come out right as long as I am drawing something and when I am done, I always feel relaxed.  It always brings a smile to my face, so taking a drawing lesson can be super helpful for your happiness.


woman's hand drawing

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


2.  Learn A New Instrument


If drawing is not your thing then maybe music is?

You can pick up a new instrument that you like and learn how to use it.

Music has always been helpful when it comes to our emotions, so learning to play a musical instrument can be really helpful for you to be happier.


3.  Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone


In everything you do, you need to step out of your comfort zone.  This will definitely help you achieve your goals.

This year has been, so far, my year of stepping out of my comfort zone!

I started by promoting my blog to friends and family.  I didn’t do this because I felt that they weren’t going to like my blog and say stuff about it,  but even if they don’t check out my blog, I still know that I put myself out there.   This is what I was aiming for and I have never been prouder or happier about myself.

You also can put yourself out there.  Don’t care about what others have to say about it, they are going to talk about it whether they think it’s good or bad.  So you might as well do it!


4.  Go Camping


Nature has always been helpful to us human beings.

Whenever one goes camping, if you go in super stressed, you will definitely come out look fabulous and peaceful and even have a smile on your face (except if you REALLY don’t like camping!)

Nature has a calming effect on us and spending time in it can make you happier.


woman lying in tent reading

Photo by Lê Tân on Unsplash


5.  Travel/Visit Your Favorite Destination


Another item on the happiness bucket list is to travel to or visit your favorite destination.

Going to your favorite destination can be very helpful towards making you happy.

For example, if your favorite destination is to travel to a place with beaches and all you have to do is sleep and wake and stare out the ocean – you will become happier, relaxed and you will be at peace with yourself.


6.  Work Out More


Working out more by having a work out schedule or routine can help you a lot.

It has lots of benefits, including helping you stay in shape (which we all know) and also helps you relieve some of the stress that you might be going through in life.


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7.  Meditate Every Day


Meditating is very helpful to a human being’s body

It helps us relieve stress and anxiety that we may have.  It also teaches us how to connect more with our body and also nature.

After meditating your body feels relaxed and re-energized and that in turn brings you happiness and peace which is why it is on the happiness bucket list.


8.  Practice Self Love


You can’t have a happiness bucket list without self-love in it!

Self-love is the ultimate way for you to be happier and have more confidence in yourself.

Like I always say, if you don’t love yourself enough to make yourself happy, no one else can.

So I would encourage you to practice self-love.

Find out what your strongest point is and what your weakest point is and above all love yourself for who you are and accept your own flaws.


9.  Write More In Your Bullet Journal


Bullet Journals are life savers when it comes to writing down plans or one’s emotions.  It will definitely help you every day.

When you write down what you are feeling, it will also help you reflect on how far you have come on your journey.


note book cup of tea and watch on desk

Image from Pixistock


10.  Check Up On Family and Friends


Nothing matters to us more than family and friends.

They are the people that help us when we are down.  They are the people who will always have our backs no matter what.

So once in a while check up on your families and your friends.

Doing this will definitely bring a smile to not only your face but to their’s too!


11.  Try To Read a Book Every Week


I will be honest with you guys, I just recently started reading books again (I mean novels) and I totally forgot about how I always feel when I start reading a book and when I finish it.

I always have this competition with myself when it comes to how much time I read a book.  I usually finish reading a book in 5 days and if I am not feeling lazy I will finish in 3 days.

If I read a book in 3 days then I will always read 2 books in that week and the joy and happiness I feel whenever I finish reading a book is unexplainable.

You too can try and read a book every week and see what you can gain from it.


book on a throw with glasses on it

Image from Pixistock


12.  Have a Social Media Detox


Social Media has its good side and its bad side.

People are addicted to social media, they are so addicted to it that they don’t sometimes know that they are addicted!

What I do for social media detox is to switch off the phone for 2 hours straight every single day.  Or I just switch off Wi-Fi/ data and pick up a book (and then end up reading for 5 hours straight, sometimes more!)

I do this every day so that I don’t feel overwhelmed with social media.  You can try this tip and fine-tune it to your preference.


13.  Practice Kindness


Helping other people can bring a smile to your face.

Just you knowing that you brought a smile to someone else’ s face can be really good for you, especially if you did it at the start of your day.


14.  Listen To Music Every Day


I feel like I don’t emphasize on this enough.

Music is very helpful to our soul.

When you listen to a song whether it’s a love song, a motivational song or even a heartbreak song,  there are always emotions that connect you to each and every song that you listen to.

So try your best to listen to music every day.


woman smiling and listening to music on headphones

Image from Pixistock


15.  Write a Letter To Your Younger & Older Self


I won’t lie and say I have done this before, I haven’t.

It’s one of the things that I have been holding out on but I have added to my own happiness bucket list (you guys are not the only one with a happiness bucket lists!)

Anyways, tell your younger self how you have turned out and tell your older self what you know you will have accomplished.


16.  Practice Self-Care Twice a Week


Self-care is so important.  If you neglect self-care then you are neglecting yourself.

Try to practice self-care at least twice a week.


17.  Always Start The Day Off With a Happiness Quote


I always start the day off with a happiness or positive quote and it has done wonders for me.

When I recite a positive quote my day ends up going the way I want it to go.

Quotes can really do a lot for you and your mental health.

It will help by changing your perspective on so many things.

For someone like me who always saw the bad side of things when I wanted to start working on a project, having a quote every day has really helped me a lot in seeing the positive side.


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18.  Get Rid Of Negative Vibes around You


The last item on the happiness bucket list is to get rid of negative vibes that are around you.  Even if the negative vibes come from people get, rid of them.

On your happiness journey, you don’t need to have negative vibes coming your way.


That is all the items that I have on the happiness bucket list, I hope this list helps you in finding happiness within yourself.

Let us know in the comments which ones were your favourites, or what else you would put on your happiness bucket list.


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  1. Chloe Chats

    I love the idea of a happiness bucket list! I’ve feel like I’ve done a lot of these whilst I’ve been stuck at home for a while without realising, but I have started doing a drawing course and it really does help relax me – especially after I’ve finished work. Working out has also been my go-to thing as well. Great post, lovely ideas! xx

  2. Cecile

    This is a great list. My last post is actually about the benefits of a social media detox! Also reading and journalling are my favourite activities. Would love to learn more about meditation though 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  3. Jess

    I am going to try reading a new book everywhere in hopes that it deters me from social media and watching too much television

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