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An Envisioning Exercise To Help You Create Your Best Life

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I’m pleased to welcome Savannah to The Little Blog of Positivity to tell us all about this cool and easy to follow envisioning exercise to help you create your best life.  I’m off to practice it right now so over to Savannah!

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With the invention of the internet, the entire world is literally at our fingertips.  We are more connected now than we ever were in the past and this connection has opened up possibilities for us that our ancestors would have never dreamed possible. 

Honestly, all we have to do to succeed in life in this day and time is choose what it is that we want to succeed at.

I don’t mean to say that you decide what you want and it magically appears. However, when you decide what you want, I mean REALLY decide, as in you choose it with every cell of your being, nothing can stop you.

Once you figure out specifically what it is you want and thoroughly CHOOSE it, the information available to us on creating it is limitless. 

Often times though, we don’t actually know what it is we want. As humans, we’re REALLY good at knowing what we don’t want.

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Throughout history, this was important for survival. What we wanted didn’t matter. What was important is that we knew that we didn’t want to get killed by a wild animal, eat the poison berries or anger the warrior tribe in the distance. Wants were never important beyond wanting to survive. 

You hear the remnants of this within yourself and others every day stating what isn’t wanted in your lives, but how often do we know what we DO want?

How often are we confident in what we want for dinner and it doesn’t turn into an “I don’t care, what do you want” conversation?

How often do we know exactly what career we want to embark upon? Exactly what we want within ourselves?

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Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

You can’t actively explore, research, learn about and create your desired life until you figure out with crystal clear visions WHAT that life actually looks like, down to the smallest detail.

Knowing is often the hardest part of actually getting it. So let’s explore how to figure it out. 

Create Your Best Life Step 1: Day Dream

Take a moment to find a comfortable seated position and begin focusing on your breathing. In through your nose to fill your belly with air and then release it smoothly back out of your nose.

Repeat the process a few times, relaxing the muscles in your body, one by one with each exhale starting at the top of your head and moving down across your body. 

Relax your face, drop your shoulders, let the chair beneath you support your full weight as you sink deeper into it with each breath. Releasing your arms, your legs, all the way down to your toes until you can’t feel any more tension anywhere in your body. 

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In your mind’s eye, imagine that you’re waking up in your ideal, perfect day. Imagine you feel completely rested and happy to start your day. You have all the time in the world to enjoy your morning routine.

What does it look like?

Play it out in your head from the moment your eyes open until you’re ready to start the next part of your day.

The magic is in the details so make sure you really put yourself into this moment, experiencing it all through your imagination. Take as much time as you like.

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Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

Focus on emotions and feelings. How do you feel physically, emotionally and mentally in your perfect morning?

Moving onto the next part of your day, what’s going on? Are you commuting to work? Are you still working where you are now or have you moved onto a more rewarding career?

How do all of the details of this section of your day unfold?

What about your interactions with people? How do you feel?

What do you wear? What do you eat? 

Again, make sure you notice the emotions going along with these things. Each thing should bring a positive feeling of joy, peace, happiness or the equivalent. There are no wrong choices as long as it all feels good to you. 

This part of your day is over and now you’re headed home. What does your evening routine look like?

What does your bedtime routine look like? How was your dinner?

Is there any self-care? 

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Take as much time as you need to go through this exercise and experience your perfect day in your ideal life moment by moment. The more you practice it, the clearer it will become. Really focus on the emotions you want. 

Create Your Best Life Step 2: Make a Tree

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Photo by Luke Richardson on Unsplash

Now that you have an idea of what it is you’re trying to create, take out a pen and paper and take some notes of it. Write out the details of your best life in story form.

Compare it with your current life and jot down any big points or important changes you noticed. Remember to stay focused on feelings. These are your end goals.

End goals are what we’re actually trying to create.

“Lose weight” isn’t an end goal.

“Feel stunning in my body” is an end goal.

The losing of the weight is a means goal, the way we get to the end goal. Every end goal could have several means goals that are going to lead us to it.

my dream life journal

Jot down your goals in the ‘My Dream Life‘ journal from Paperchase

I find tree diagrams helpful in this exercise. You start with your main end goals written on your paper and from here you branch off with your means goals.  As many means goals as you need, per end goal, is fine.

Now, what steps do you need to break those means goals down?

The more you can break it down, the easier it’ll be to tackle it!

Continue reverse engineering your goals until you have a well-drawn out plan and simple steps you can take right now. As in today. 

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Create Your Best Life Step 3: Keep it Simple

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Photo by Jess @ Harper Sunday on Unsplash

It’s easy to get carried away and have a ton of things diagramed out when you’re making your diagram of goals to create your best life.

I highly recommend picking only 3 to start out with.

Differentiate between what’s really life-changing and important and really put your efforts on how you wish to feel. 

It’s also really easy to get distracted and switch what you’re doing before you begin to see tangible results.  Keep your end goals close at hand and focus on them.  Discard anything that pops up that doesn’t help you get closer to creating your best life. 

Most of the time we confuse our means and ends goals which leads us to waste energy on unfulfilling tasks.

We don’t actually want more money. We want what more money can bring us. The feelings of security, freedom, happiness, etc.

We don’t actually want a partner just to have one. We want to feel loved and needed and know what it’s like to love and need someone in return.  The comfort and connection of having a partner to help us create our best life.

Knowing the differences between true end goals and just the paths of getting there will help you fast track your life into fulfilment and happiness.

When you’re focusing on the feelings you’re trying to create, it makes the journey clearer and more direct. It illuminates the path for you and quite often, that path may look nothing like you would have ever imagined by using your brain instead of your heart. 

To Sum Up

What do you actually want out of this life?

I recommend doing this exercise quarterly as our desires shift and change as we learn and explore ourselves.

Once you figure it out though, nothing can stop you but yourself.

Getting started is always the hardest part.  After that, momentum sweeps you away into the creation of your vision. 

Author Bio

Savannah Shea Blake is a Confidence Coach and Birth Doula at EarthandWater.co who helps women unleash their inner warrior goddesses through chakras and mindset so that they can conquer the battles of life, feel more supported in their ventures and love who they are. 


You can connect with Savannah on Twitter, InstagramPinterest, Facebook and YouTube

Thank you so much, Savannah for sharing this envisioning exercise with us.  Let Savannah and me know if you try it out, we’d love to hear how you found it.

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