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Well, it’s almost Christmas, so here’s a bit of fun to round off the year!

Thank you to my friend Joan over at My Best Friend Adeline for tagging me in the Christmas Tag which was created by Nicole

I enjoyed reading both Joan and Nicole’s answers to the questions.  Now it’s time for me to answer them as well!

So here we go.


1. Do you prefer giving or receiving gifts?

I love finding gifts that I know the other person will love.  For example, I found a wonderful picture book of red squirrels to give to my Mum this year.  (It’s OK, she is a complete technophobe so we definitely won’t spoil the surprise!)  I can’t wait to see her face when she opens it.  I also like giving surprise gifts which people are totally not expecting.

I don’t mind receiving the odd gift myself either though!  Again, I love surprise and unexpected gifts best I think.  For example, a work colleague once left guidebooks to Rome and Venice on my desk as I had been talking about booking a cruise to Italy.  That really made my day!


2. Do you make and stick to New Year’s resolutions?

happy new year

Photo by Crazy nana on Unsplash

I make resolutions at all times of the year, I don’t limit them to January!  I haven’t always stuck to them in the past but have got a bit better at this over the last few years.  I’m actually planning a resolutions blog post for New Year, watch this space!


3. Have you ever made a snowman?

small snowman

Yes, a few!  I live in the UK and when I was a kid we seemed to get loads of snow.  There doesn’t seem to be as much nowadays (global warming?)  Although we did have a really cold winter a few years ago so there were snowmen everywhere!  Our next door neighbours always make a huge snowman in their front garden whenever it snows.  So nowadays I tend to stay in the warm and just admire their snowman from the window!


4. Is your Christmas tree real or fake, and what theme do you prefer?

Our house is quite small so we have a cute little fake Christmas tree.  We also have fairy lights plus various Santas, polar bears, fairies and other bits and bobs dotted about!   I love silver, blue and purple decorations the best and plain but twinkly fairy lights.


5. Most memorable holiday moment?

There was an interesting one when I was a teenager where we went away to a hotel for Christmas but the hotel burned down before we got there!!  We ended up still going but stayed in a chalet in the grounds of the burnt out hotel!  It was different, to say the least!

Nowadays Christmas is quite a small family affair for us.  We have had a tradition for the last few years of going to my Husband’s Aunty and Uncle’s house for a party on Christmas Eve.  I love those parties, we play silly games and have a real giggle.


6. What holiday traditions are you looking forward to this year?


As well as the Christmas Eve party I’m also looking forward to going to beautiful York Minster for the 9 Lessons and Carols service on Christmas Eve.  I’m taking my Mum who hasn’t been to it before.  I know she’s going to love it!


7. What is the best Christmas present you have ever received?

commodore vic 20

I would say when I was a kid and I got a Commodore Vic 20 computer for Christmas (really showing my age here…)  It was one of the first commercially available computers back in the 1980s.  I recall that my Dad was as excited as I was!  We spent Christmas Day playing Bomber – a very basic but addictive game.

commodore vic 20 computer 1980s

(Yup that’s me on the Vic 20!!!)


8. What are your favourite holiday foods?

christmas dinner

I’m not a fan of turkey to be honest, so instead, we have a huge joint of pork with lots of crackling.  We also have pigs in blankets and stuffing balls.  I make braised red cabbage as well, which I love and of course roast potatoes!  My mouth’s watering now….


9. What is your favourite Christmas film?

It’s not really a Christmas film as such, but I absolutely love the Wizard of Oz which always seems to be on around about Christmas.  I also adore The Snowman.


10. What is your favourite Christmas song?

This has to be Fairytale of New York by The Pogues.  I also love White Christmas by Bing Crosby, his voice gives me goosebumps!


11. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

Having some time off work haha!  Seriously though, I would say spending time with family and I also love playing daft games.


12. What would be your dream place to visit at Christmas time?

Ooo I’m not really sure.  Possibly somewhere hot and sunny to see what that’s like for a change!



13. Who do you spend Christmas with?

Christmas Day has just been my Husband and our two cats for the last few years.  This year my Mum is coming to stay which will be lovely.


14. When do you start getting excited about Christmas?

I do think the hype in the shops starts a bit too early nowadays.  I don’t really begin to feel Christmassy until we are into the first week of December.  I visited a super Christmas Market with my best friend at the beginning of December this year and I would say that’s when I started getting into the Christmas groove!


15. You have one Christmas wish – what will it be?

That Theresa May finally gets Brexit sorted out!!!  Oh and world peace 😉


There we have it, I really enjoyed answering the tag questions.  Thanks again Joan for the tag.

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  1. Ellen

    Thank you very much for tagging me! I loved reading your answers!

    1. Alison

      Thanks Marie, it was good fun thinking of the answers, some great memories I’d forgotten about!

  2. Katie

    yay thanks for the tag! loved reading your answers, agree totally with pretty much all of this, except I LOVE Christmas films! Currently working my way through pretty much everything on Netflix haha!

    1. Alison

      Thanks Katie. I’m half way through watching Elf as everyone has talked about it so much, loving it!!

  3. Anonymous

    Omg Alison that picture of you on your vic 20 computer is so adorable!! I also have a little fake Christmas tree in my house, we’ve never had a real or big tree because we always lived in small flats. And I agree that the hype starts way too early! I wait until a few days into December as well. Thank you for the tag!!!

  4. Geraldine

    Reading this made me even more festive and excited 😁 also be really curious to go somewhere warm and sunny for Christmas, I think it would really throw me off! 🤣

  5. Chloe Chats

    Loved this, it’s always fun learning more about people!! I can’t believe your hotel burned down before going, that’s so crazy, glad you still got to go though! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and thank you for tagging me ♥️

    Chloe xx

    1. Alison

      They probably wouldn’t allow it nowadays. Health and safety probably wouldn’t allow us within a 3 mile radius 😂 wishing you a very Merry Christmas too x

  6. hanmwill

    Pork with lots of crackling sounds sooooo much better than turkey! Loved reading this, Alison! I hope you have a fab Christmas!!

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