My Silver Linings During Lockdown

silver linings in clouds

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This lockdown situation we’ve found ourselves in has thrown up so many challenges.  I certainly don’t want to downplay the heartache and issues lots of people have had to deal with.  Early on, however, I began to note some positives which were arising for me from the situation.  Some silver linings in the clouds.

It was timely, therefore, for me to be tagged by the lovely Emma from Sunshine And Rain to write a post about my lockdown silver linings.


my silver linings during lockdown


I have, for a few years now, kept a journal where I note down 3 good things each day.

This period of time has been no exception.  I find that even on the darkest of days there is something good to write about, even if it’s something small.

Here are my top silver linings that I’ve noted down in my journal during this time.


1.  Quiet Roads


I’m not a big fan of driving.  All the traffic on the roads stresses me out and sends my anxiety skyrocketing!

As I work for the Health Service, although I’ve been able to do some work at home, I’ve still had to travel to the office a few times a week.  I’ve also had to go out for shopping of course as well.

Fewer cars on the roads have meant I’ve enjoyed driving again.  Particularly as I’ve often driven along them on early mornings.

It’s been so quiet.  Sometimes I feel like I’m in some kind of disaster movie where I’m the only person left in the world!

The only slight downside has been the number of wild birds suddenly launching themselves in front of my car.

However, it has been nice to see more wildlife out there!


2.  A Strange Sense Of Calm


woman outside with eyes closed

Photo by sean Kong on Unsplash

Before the lockdown, all the panic buying and the uncertainty led to many sleepless nights.

I felt so much calmer once the lockdown was announced.  We knew where we were with it and what the rules were.  The toilet roll returned to the shelves.  My fridge and cupboards continued to be well-stocked.

Although I haven’t been able to see my Mum who lives on the other side of the country, she has also been very calm since the lockdown started.  Normally she is even more anxious than I am (guess who I inherited that from…)

Before the lockdown, she had her house up for sale and was planning to move nearer to me.  All of that was leading to lots of fraught ‘what if’ discussions.

Without the anxieties from our normally fast and frantic modern lives, things have been much calmer all round.


3.  Feeling Like I’m On An Episode Of Supermarket Sweep


Despite the queue outside the supermarket now, once I’m inside I’m loving the calm and quiet aisles.

A couple of times I’ve been very early in the morning and there has only been 4 or 5 of us in the aisles.  I’ve been tempted to run around the aisles like an episode of supermarket sweep but haven’t so far 😆

Instead, I’ve taken my time, enjoyed the calm and have tried a few ingredients that I might not have done otherwise.


4.  What Technology Can Do For Us


electronic devices on a desk

Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash

Working in health care I think this has been one of the biggest silver linings.

Going forward, I  think this will revolutionise how health care works in the UK and across the world.  Consultations via video link will be, I believe, here to stay.

Of course, we will still need to go to the doctor’s surgery or the hospital for tests and procedures but there will be lots of instances where a remote consultation will work well.

There is so much scope for video links to be used for all kinds of meetings and training courses in the future.  The pandemic has catapulted us into thinking differently about this.


5.  Animal Crossing


Always a fan of a good Nintendo video game, Animal Crossing:  New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch came at just the right time!

I’m loving building my island, fishing, selling fruit, digging for fossils and catching bugs and shooting stars.  It’s such escapism!

6.  Gratitude


As well as writing 3 good things in my journal each day, I also try to note things I’m grateful for.

The main thing I’ve been grateful for during this time has been that I have a job and a regular income.  I feel so awful for those whose livelihoods have been affected by all of this.

Going to work on some days has also helped things feel a bit less strange as has having ongoing contact (albeit often via Zoom) with my workmates.


7.  I’ve Saved Money


With not going out for expensive meals or going on weekend breaks and spa days, I’ve saved quite a bit of money.  I’ve also stopped spending money on clothes and shoes, something I did on a regular basis before.

This has made me question whether I really needed to spend this money.

I’d definitely like to live a less materialistic life going forward!  I’ve realised I already have plenty of clothes and shoes (probably too many) and am finding making do with what I have to be strangely satisfying.


8.  Opportunity To Paint By Numbers


Winnie’s Picks kindly gifted me a paint by numbers kit at the beginning of the Lockdown.  I chose this very colourful abstract cat.


abstract cat paint by numbers partially complete


I’ve been thoroughly enjoying spreading all the paints out on the dining room table and channelling my inner artist!

I haven’t quite finished it as yet but hopefully will do soon.  Then I’ll be doing a spot of online shopping to buy a frame and it will take pride of place on the wall in the dining room where it’s been painted!


9.  End Of The Drive HIIT Sessions


Early on in the lockdown a personal trainer who lives on my close organised a HIIT session for us to take part in on the end of our drives.

This has now turned into a 3 times a week session and has been a brilliant way of bringing the community together as well as getting us all fit!


So that’s my lockdown silver linings.  I’d love to hear about yours.

I’m tagging the following fellow bloggers to write their own lockdown silver linings post.  Looking forward to reading them!

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  1. Chloe Chats

    Lovely post Alison, enjoyed reading about the positives you have found from being in lockdown. I lovee Animal Crossing.. so far my switch says i’ve spent over 140 hours on it, I’m not sure if thats too much haha but it is great to just play and escape from reality for a while. I love that you have an end of drive HIIT sessions, sounds like so much fun! Glad you’re doing well! Thank you for tagging me, I’m looking forward to writing mine!

    Chloe xx

    1. Alison

      Thanks Chloe. Not checked how many hours I’ve been on Animal Crossing, probably something similar I would imagine, checking in on my island is now part of my daily routine! xx

  2. Ellen

    I really enjoyed reading this, and thanks for the tag! Some of these things I hadn’t thought about before but they make sense. I can’t wait to do this tag!

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