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  1. So, I wrote a little guest post for the #IAmASurvivor series over at Powerful Body Mind

The lovely Awande was looking for stories of survival from women across the globe and from all walks of life.


It got me thinking about the various things I’ve survived in my life and how they have all helped shape and form who I’ve become.

I decided to write about my experience of being bullied at school.

The reasons for choosing this topic were twofold:

  1.  Although I’ve spoken about my experiences to friends, family and also to a counsellor, I’ve never written about them.   When I started journalling regularly I found writing things down to be therapeutic.  This was one of my reasons for then starting this blog.
  2. I hoped that my story would help others who had been through similar experiences in their lives to know that they aren’t alone.  This kind of childhood trauma can continue to affect you for many years afterwards.  I wanted others to know that acknowledging this is OK and is certainly not a sign of weakness.

So, head on over to Powerful Body Mind to read my story.

There are many other inspirational stories as part of the #IAmASurvivor series.

Read about Skye and how she has survived a diagnosis of panic disorder.

Busiswe and Kaitlin who’ve had issues with body image.

Also, Amanda who survived cancer and tuberculosis at a young age and is now inspiring the world to eat healthily and get fit.

This is definitely a series I will continue to follow.  If you would like to share your story with Awande, you can contact her here.  I can recommend doing it, I found it strangely cathartic!

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  1. Hannah Jayne Artis

    Followed the link and you should be so proud of yourself for sharing your story! My brother was taken out of school and home schooled as a result of bullying so I totally understand where you are coming from. You are so brave for sharing your story 💝

    1. Alison

      Thanks Hannah. I hope your brother is OK now and it didn’t affect him longer term. Writing about the experience has definitely been healing 🙂

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