How To Find Your Superpower & Build A Life You Love

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It’s no coincidence that superhero movies blow up the box office.

Who wouldn’t love to have superpowers like Wolverine or Batman?  We can identify with their struggles.

Well, guess what?  We may not be able to fly or lift huge weights, but we all have superpowers!

How To Find Your Superpower

What’s Your Superpower?

What’s the special talent that you can offer the world?  A superpower comes from an innate attitude, skill or ability.

OK, so you probably can’t make yourself invisible or fly, but you will have a natural and unique talent for something I promise.  In fact, you’ll probably have more than one.

You may not yet realise what your superpower is. It’s likely to be that thing that you do on instinct.  It will be something you think everyone else possesses and you don’t realise that it’s your unique strength.

It’s likely to be something that you’re not only good at but you feel passionate about too.

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Why Find Your Superpower?

Because it can be the key to finding your voice, your mission and your purpose.  Find your superpower and it can open literally hundreds of doors for you!  Your chance of success increases when you find your superpower.

Imagine how life would feel if you were playing to your strengths and doing the things that made you feel passionate and fulfilled on a day to day basis.

That’s what finding your superpower can lead you to.

When you find and then use your superpower, you feel amazing and as though you could conquer the world!

How To Find Your Superpower

Here are some ways to find your superpower.  (Tip – It may take some time to truly identify what your superpower is, so persevere with this).

Get To Know Yourself

Ask yourself what you enjoy, what gets you motivated and what you love doing.

You could also ask others.  Ask them what they value in you and what would they come to you for.

I recently tried this exercise with a good friend.  She told me that she would come to me for common sense advice and valued that I was always honest.  This was a useful insight for me.

I had thought anyone could give common sense advice as it is, erm, common sense!  Now I think about it though, I see this could well be a strength of mine.  (Warning about the honesty thing, if you ask me for some common sense advice I will also be honest with you, possibly brutally so 😂)

You could also complete this free strengths assessment survey. The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and will identify your top character strengths.  (There are 24 strengths in total, including gratitude, forgiveness, creativity, fairness and kindness).

The survey revealed that honesty is my top strength, closely followed by a love of learning and perseverance.  I would definitely agree with these.  It’s interesting that my friend also identified honesty, so this one could really be a superpower for me!

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Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Ask Yourself What You Enjoyed As A Child

Perhaps you were creative or enjoyed performing arts or dancing.  Maybe you played a lot of sport.  Do you still do these things?

Possibly not as we are under constant pressure to conform with what society expects.  Think about where your passions got squashed along the way, then think about how you can get them back.

Compare Yourself With Others

Normally I wouldn’t advocate doing this.  For example, when you are setting yourself goals and measuring your achievement of those goals I wouldn’t recommend comparing yourself with others.  (Compare your progress against your own baselines instead).

In trying to find your superpower, however, this can actually be useful.

Ask yourself what are you good at that other people can’t do?  Again, if you aren’t sure, then ask others for their views.

Find Your Passion

It’s important to note that a strength won’t, by itself, bring you results.  You also need passion plus a desire to put your strength into action.

Have you ever noticed that you can get stuff done even when you think you have no time if something ticks all of these 3 boxes?  These 3 things together will give you a superpower.

Experiment and find your passion.  Note things down that bring you joy.  You could try exploring different things.  Try different activities, push yourself out of your comfort zone, you might find something unexpected that could be your superpower!

Ask yourself, what are the things that when you do them eat up time?  Where does time fly?

You could also try asking yourself if you didn’t have to work and money was no object what would you do?

I also find that insight into my strengths and passions often comes to me when I meditate.  Here’s my beginners’ guide if you’d like to give that a try.

You may find that the same answer comes up over and over again.

That’s your superpower!

Now Grow Your Superpower!

So once you’ve found your superpower, make sure you practice it!  Make it grow!

Yes, you might be good at something already but you can be even better.  Think of the young Jedi knights being taught by Yoda, or  (and I’m showing my age here) the Karate Kid where he practices and practises so he can win the fight.

Find a coach or mentor.  Take classes to improve.  Stretch yourself.  Set goals and build an action plan to develop your superpower.

You could also see life’s challenges and setbacks as opportunities to practice and hone your superpower.

So, if something goes wrong then ask yourself the right questions.

For example, instead of asking:

  • why is this happening to me?
  • how is it I always fail?
  • why do I get rejected?

Ask yourself:

  • what talents or gifts do I have that can help with this?
  • what action do I need to take?
  • who can I ask for help?
  • what can I learn?
  • how can I make this fun?

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So, What’s Your Superpower?

I’d love to hear what your superpower is?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Rinki Tiwari

    Ahh…I can relate to everything you said…I still remember on growing up how I was a curious child…I wanted to try everything and anything just to try out what works for me…
    I still haven’t figured out my SUPERpower yet but I have small powers like painting, photography and music 😊😊

  2. Geraldine

    This is great Alison!! Such good tips on how to listen to yourself and do what you love and empowering yourself! I kind of did something similar in changing careers and I’m slowly making steps to change and do what I actually enjoy! Thank you for sharing 💖

    1. Alison

      Thanks Geraldine. I’m so glad that you have found your superpower. Best of luck with the career change!

  3. Chloe Chats

    Such a great post Alison! I feel like I’m usually so hard on myself, so I might have to ask others what they think my super power may be. I’d say I’m a hard worker, and can get get passionate when I’m doing/talking about something I love! I’ll check out that lil test as well, thank you for sharing and making me think about positive things!

    Chloe xx

    1. Alison

      Thanks Chloe, glad you enjoyed the post and that it’s made you feel positive 🙂 I found the test really useful, hope you do too x

  4. Sammy

    I really love this way of looking at things 🙂
    I am now thinking about what my superpower is and how I can use it.

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