How To Easily Improve Balance In Your Life With An Everyday List

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I’m pleased to welcome Pranjali who shares with us the benefits of having an everyday list of routine habits, along with some ideas of what to include.

What Pranjali says about the balance between routine and being spontaneous really resonated with me. 

I’m not the greatest at being spontaneous and do tend to plan my life to the Nth degree!  However,  I can see how having things I do every day can free me up to be more spontaneous at other times.

I also love the idea that having things you do daily can give you a sense of accomplishment even if you don’t do other things on your to-do list.

Over to Pranjali….



The Everyday List


One thing that has always bothered me is the decision between working in a routine and working spontaneously.

The following questions sprint into my mind with this thought-

What if I get caught up in monotony?
If I don’t work in a routine, I might not get any work done.
I need time for exercising and relaxing.
What about mental health?
I don’t want to feel tied down.
I want to say consistent with my work.
.. so on and so forth.

With all this in mind, I tried to find the balance. Everything is about finding the balance.

Nothing is right or wrong here- working in a routine or not- because everyone has their comfort zone and way of doing things.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain- consistency pays off.

Whatever field you’re in, you have to be consistent in it for fruitful results. And the same goes for the other part of your life- mental health and physical health.

The everyday list is about the other part of your life.

Some things that you do every day to maintain your sanity. Even if your work isn’t going well, at least your health is yielding what you need.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t cross everything in your to-do list or get any work done, but you need to complete these tasks.

Stay consistent with them.   It’s important to craft your own everyday list which works for you, but here is my list to give you some ideas.


Cleaning My Room


I used to do this once a week.

However, with the advent of COVID, I spend most of my time in my room; I started cleaning my room more often. And now, this is one of my first tasks of the day.

It takes less than five minutes honestly, and I feel clean and maintained for the rest of the day.




This has to be on the list.

With everything digital, we often spend most of our days sitting in front of a screen.

Without working out for twenty to thirty minutes, there is no movement in your body and it’s not going to be good for your health. It can be as simple as dancing or going on a walk. You must have it on your list.

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Read For Ten Minutes


Reading novels has always come easy to me. Nevertheless, these days we get more inclined towards watching than reading. So, I try to take a minimum of ten minutes out of my day to read a book.

Some of my current favourite reads.

You are a badass at making money book cover


invisible girl




Meditation is an effort to start my day on a beautiful note. I simply dance around for a while, get a little tired, and then simply relax my mind and body, listening to the mesmerizing sounds of nature.

Meditation is not a chore- it is an escape.

You don’t have to define it.

Whatever task you feel happy and relaxed in, that’s your meditation. It can be reading, writing, dancing, singing- you decide.

Give yourself a break, sit, and relax.

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Digital Detox


It is my time off the screen. With the entire day spent in front of one, I try to stay off during my mornings and nights.

The mornings are pretty successful- I don’t check any of my socials before breakfast. That gives me two hours to myself.

Shutting off at night is a little bit arduous, but I try whenever I can.


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These are my everyday efforts. Now, I am going to list some things you can add to yours:

  • Go for a walk
  • Drink green tea/ warm water with lemon and honey
  • Write a journal
  • Give 30 minutes to a hobby
  • Make your bed
  • Skincare routine
  • Hair-care
  • Pick out clothes for the next day
  • Random act of kindness
  • List three things in your life for which you are thankful

All these tasks are pretty small. But, they have a big impact on your daily life. They give you a sense of accomplishment, and you don’t feel entirely beholden to your to-do list.

You’re more likely to be fruitful in your work if you have accomplished some basic tasks in your day.

It makes you feel put together and worth it. Even if you’re not able to stay on top of your work, at least you’re paying attention to yourself, and your health.

It’s all about finding the balance. It doesn’t matter if you have a set routine for your work, because that is subjective for everyone. But, you do need a routine for your mental and physical health. It will only make you stronger.


Talking About Work


You can apply this to the work aspect of your life as well. For example, as a writer, something I try to do every day is work on my vocabulary, and write seamlessly for ten-fifteen minutes. It helps me to get creative and write better.

Similarly, whatever field you’re working in, you can single out some tasks which you know will help you develop.

It will make you want to work as well. And if you’re a student, simply brushing up on difficult concepts or formulas each day will help. It will take you twenty-thirty minutes tops, and you’ll able to score well!

I hope this post was worth your time- thank you for reading!

Keep the happy vibes flowing,


Author Bio


Hey, my name is Pranjali and I am 18-years old.

I enjoy spreading love and positivity and so I created a blog page.

The content we consume on a daily basis is what shapes our life and mind. My intention here is to help you and myself to create a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Blog- www.daintypalms.wordpress.com
Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/_pranjalii/


Thank you to Pranjali for sharing your everyday list with us.  Leave us a comment and tell us what resonated with you the most or what else you would include on your own everyday list.

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  1. Jeannie

    I agree with all the tips, maybe I should include reading for 10 minutes I still haven’t finished my book so maybe I’ll try to include it. Also before I finish my work I write in a post-it what I needed to do after work so at least I wouldn’t be glued on my phone when I reach home. 🙂

  2. Sandhya

    Very well written! Great tips and some I’m planning to add to my list!

  3. Lori

    Finding the balance between routine and spontanaety can be really hard! You’ve provided some excellent advice here on how to balance the two. I tend to lean to the routine side – and sometimes have to work to get more spontaneous! Thank you for a good read!

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