25 Unique And Fun Sober Date Ideas For Couples

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Fed up of always ending up in the pub with your other half?  Are you looking for some unique and fun sober date ideas instead?

Even if you aren’t a couple as yet and it’s your first or second date, sober dates can be a good idea in the early days of getting to know each other.

As some of you may know, I decided to take a short break from alcohol back in December 2017.  Almost 500 days on, I’m still alcohol-free!  Unfortunately, my other half didn’t take the same decision and continues to enjoy (several) pints of lager.

So…I have to respect his decision but it’s made me realise how much of our spare time together revolved around going to the pub!

We decided we needed to shake things up a bit and to find some alternative things to do together.

As I often do nowadays, I asked the Twitterverse for some inspiration.

Here are some of the ideas that you came up with (along with some I found on good old Google).

25 unique and fun sober date ideas for couples

1.  Scavenger Hunt

Emily gave me this idea saying that she and her partner either make one up or buy one online.

I used to love a good scavenger hunt or treasure trail when I was a kid.  I mentioned it to hubby and he thought it might be fun too.  So, I got on the internet to see if there were any guided ones we could do in the UK.

I stumbled upon treasuretrails.co.uk.  We were about to have a week off work and were spending it in our favourite city of York so we thought it might be fun to try one of the 7 trails available for the city.

We chose one which took us around the city and into the museum gardens.  It was great fun solving the clues although we almost missed a few and had to retrace our steps!

sober date ideas treasure trail

Hubby clue hunting

There was only one clue we didn’t manage to solve.  If you have this problem, you can text for the answer.  We did this and groaned when we realised the clue had been literally staring us in the face!

The trail took us about two hours to complete and was a really fun way to see parts of  York we hadn’t noticed before.  We followed it with a lovely lunch afterwards 🙂

2.  Stargazing

Now, this one you could do in your garden if it’s dark enough!  There are also stargazing courses and evenings you can book to attend.

If you are taking the DIY approach, here are some tips on how to do it.  You just need a dark place then add a cosy blanket, a constellation guide and some hot chocolate.  Heaven!

3.  Cookery Class

Now I’m not sure hubby would go for this, but if I could persuade him then maybe he could have tea ready for me when I get home from work?!

If you don’t fancy cookery, you could take some other kind of class together, pottery or a language class for example.

4.  Golf or Mini-Golf

We recently played on a 24 hole indoor mini-golf course which was great fun.  Peter via Twitter suggested taking it one step further and booking a session on a golf driving range.

5. Glamping

Or even proper camping if you are brave!  (I prefer some comforts to be honest…)  I found this website for ‘glampsites’ with hot-tubs in the UK.  Now, this looks fun 🙂

6.  Board and Card Games

Challenge your other half to a game of Scrabble or pick a card game for some good old fashioned fun!

7.  Theatre or Musical

We have this one booked for later in the year when we’re off to see Les Miserables.  So excited!  😍

8.  Hire a Rowing Boat

He’s doing the rowing if we do this one.  😉

9.  Visit a Waterpark or a Themepark

Now we used to love this one back when we first met.  Why did we stop going?!  Got to love a good adrenaline rush!

10.  Indoor Skydiving

I’ve never really fancied the outdoor variety, but the indoor type in a wind tunnel looks as though it could be fun.

11.  Cat Cafe

These are springing up all over the place!  We have one opening near us very soon, can’t wait as we both love cats.

12.  Visit a Museum

We’ve always both been huge fans of history but hadn’t been to a museum in ages.  So, during our recent week off we decided to visit a couple.

First up was the Street Life Museum in Hull, UK

We loved seeing all the old vehicles.  In particular the old bus and tram.

sober date ideas old tram in museum

We did feel a bit old when we saw these Chopper bikes on display, both of us could remember riding these when they were first manufactured!

chopper bikes streetlife museum hull

Whilst we were in Hull we also visited the Maritime Museum which detailed the history of whaling and fishing from Hull.  Whilst I wasn’t so sure about the whaling aspect (lots of harpoons, poor whales) it was quite interesting.

Back in York, we visited the Yorkshire Museum which currently has a dinosaur exhibition.

13.  Go to an Arcade

This is another one we used to do when we first got together.  Some of the arcades near us also have mini bowling alleys which are also good fun.

14.  Go-Karting

I’ve always fancied this but have never had a go!  I’m suggesting it to hubby right now 🙂

15.  Do a DIY Project Together

You could also do a class to brush up on your skills (furniture renovation for example) and then get cracking on creating something lovely together 🙂

16.  Play Frisbee on the Beach

Another great way to get some fresh air and exercise together.  Then maybe walk along the promenade with an ice-cream afterwards.

17.  Fly a Bird of Prey

We tried this one a couple of years ago. It was fun flying the birds, if a little bit terrifying when they are flying towards you!  This cute little owl was my favourite.

sober deate ideas owl bird of prey centre york

18.  Country Walk & Lunch

This one doesn’t always work for us as he walks at 100mph!  Even so, we have seen some beautiful countryside over the years so it would be good to do a bit more of this.

19.  Go to a Comedy Night

Hubby has a morbid fear of sitting on the front row in one of these and being picked on by the comedian!  You might have to sit at the back if you have a similar fear 😂  Having a good laugh together though is always fun.

20.  Learn to Dance

Strictly has made dancing popular once more.  Why not find a local ballroom class to join, or try salsa.  Even if you both have two left feet, you will have a giggle together.

21.  Go for a Picnic

Pack up your hamper and blanket and head to the local park or down by the river for a romantic picnic.  Or if it’s raining, set up your picnic gear on the living room floor!

22.  Visit a Nature Reserve

I googled and was reminded that you can see puffins in our local area.  Sometimes we miss things to do together which are right under our noses!  We’ve fancied seeing the puffins for years, one to add to the list for sure.


I’m not sure the sea will be this blue in Northumberland…

23.  Work out Together

Pull on your gym gear and head for a work out together.   Or if the gym isn’t your thing, you could do a home work out or go for a run.

24.  Go on a Segway Tour

This is another one we’ve wanted to do for a while.  I’m on it!

25.  Do an Escape Room

These are probably better if you team up with another couple.  We did one for my Birthday a couple of years ago and escaped, just!

You definitely need to be sober for this one as the clues are challenging.

I also found this online version that would also be fun to do together.

I hope you have found some inspiration amongst these sober date ideas.  Have you tried any of them?  Do you have any others to add to the list?  Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Lav

    I love these!! And that picture of you holding an owl I love too. I really want to go Go Karting now I think that would be so competitive and hilarious.

  2. Abby Heird

    These are awesome!! You put so much thought into this and now I don’t have to hahah. I don’t go on many dates BUT if I ever do, or I wanna take myself out, I will be turning to this awesome list!

  3. hanmwill

    So many great ideas here, Alison! I took my boyfriend to a cat cafe for his birthday and he loooooved it! I also really want to do a cookery class together one day, I think it’d be super cute and like you said, maybe dinner would end up on the table for me, haha! So exciting that you’re off to see Les Mis as well, I’m jealous! Great post, lovely! x

  4. Marie

    Really great ideas! Imagine how much fun it could be if you did all these 😁
    Thanks for linking to my post xx

  5. Geraldine Mae Lua

    Oh My! I love all these ideas Alison!! I’ve already gotten to do a few with my boyfriend like visit a museum, go mini golfing, doing DIY stuff together, and even put on face masks together haha!! I look forward to when my boyfriend comes to visit this Summer, as we will be going to an amusement park, as well as hitting the gym together!! Thank you for these great suggestions! 🙂 x

  6. Chloe Chats

    This is such a cute post, I do drink but when me and my boyfriend go on dates we never really go to the pub, we might go for a meal or something, but we don’t often go to a bar or a pub as a date. We recently (yesterday in fact) went to Warwick Castle and it was such a good day, the weather wasn’t amazing but we both learnt a lot and saw some amazing tours and shows whilst there! I love the idea of the scavenger hunt, I think I’ll have to look into one to try it out!

    Chloe xx

    1. Alison

      I think the pub thing just became a habit with us. It’s taking some effort to change but we’re doing it! I’d love to visit Warwick Castle, sounds amazing!

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