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10 Awesome Ways To Crack Your Personal Fitness Online

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It’s so easy to work on your personal fitness in the comfort of your own home nowadays!

Who needs sweaty, expensive gyms with a half-hour drive in each direction?

All you need is an internet connection and you can workout anywhere.  At home, in a hotel room, on the beach, even in the office (although I’ve not been brave enough to try this as yet 🙈).   You can even work out in your PJs!

Online programs and personal fitness resources give you so much flexibility – no need to be tied to a class start time or length.

Where to start?  Don’t worry, help is at hand.  Drawn from my personal experience, research and recommendations, here are 11 of my favourite programs and resources to help you crack those personal fitness goals.

Many are free, whilst some have paid options.  Even throwing the odd subscription package into the mix works out WAY cheaper than a gym membership.  Yay!

Note:  All of the programs require little or no equipment, so you really can start wherever you are!

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1.  The Body Coach

This was one of the very first online fitness programs I discovered.  You may have seen The Body Coach (a.k.a.  Joe Wicks) over on Instagram with his ‘Lean in 15’ recipes.  He also has a fantastic YouTube channel full of workout videos.

The videos are mainly of the High-Intensity Impact Training (HIIT) variety but there are a few weight training and other types of videos on the channel.

A word of caution from the girl who could only walk downstairs backwards for two days after doing my first video…..don’t start with a beginner’s one!  Instead, I recommend one of his ‘easy on the knees’ ones.  Try this one for example.

And then work your way up to beginners!

Cost:  Free


2.  Fitness Blender

Another free workout option, Fitness Blender, is one of my favourites.

Fitness blender has 500+ workout videos, varying in length from 10 to 85 minutes.  The videos cover all levels of personal fitness and include HIIT routines, strength training and pilates.

The site also has workout programs and meal plans for a small extra charge.

Cost:  Free for exercise videos, $14.99 to $19.99 for workout programs and $24.99 for the meal plans


3.  PMA Fitness

This is another fantastic YouTube channel with a huge selection of HIIT and also weights workouts if you want to invest in some adjustable weights to use at home. (Well worth it in my opinion, I’ve used my set loads).

Personal Trainer Faisal is pretty easy on the eye (am I allowed to say that?!)  Here is one of my favourite videos from his channel.

Cost:  Free


4.  Yoga with Adriene

With over 5 million subscribers to her YouTube Channel, you may well already be following Adriene!  The channel has videos suitable for all levels of personal fitness.

I love how many of the videos are named with the benefits they can bring.  For example, check out this one to bring you concentration and mental focus.

The channel also has a number of programs you can follow.  For example the 30-day Dedicate yoga journey.

Cost: Free (paid option to download the videos to use without an internet connection.  You choose how much to pay!)


If all of this is making you feel like you want a lie-down, check out these lazy ways to improve your health.

5.  Udemy

Udemy may not be the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of improving your personal fitness.  It wasn’t the first place I would’ve thought to look either, but there are some awesome courses on there.

The great thing with Udemy is that if you think to yourself ‘I’d love to learn x, y or z’, no matter how obscure, there will be a course on the platform!

I’ve completed many courses on Udemy and the quality has been, without exception, excellent.

Here are some fantastic looking fitness ones I found.  Who’s joining me?

The Secret To Six Pack Abs

Lazy Dancer Ballet Burn

or even

Cutting Shapes||Shuffle Dance Beginner to Advanced Course

Cost:  Varies – the platform often offers huge discounts such as £14.99 or even lower for a complete course

woman ballet dancing outside

Photo by Yitzhak Rodriguez on Unsplash


6.  Tabata Timer

If HIIT is your thing, this Tabata Timer available on Google Play is a brilliant tool.   I’ve done so many Joe Wicks and Mr PMA videos that the moves are imprinted on my brain!  (Burpee anyone?)

If I’ve got a spare 10 or 15 minutes and don’t want to load up a video then I’ll use the timer.  It’s totally programmable and really easy to use.  And you can even use it without an internet connection, so if you’ve got your phone with you, you’re good to go.

I couldn’t find the exact same one in the Apple Store but this one looks a good alternative.

Cost:  Free


7.  PopSugar Fitness

Yet another fantastic YouTube channel. When I get a bit bored of HIIT I head on over to PopSugar Fitness which has tons fo fantastic cardio workouts.  Sure, there are HIIT ones on the channel, but also some fab dance and combat classes.

This 30-minute hip-hop Tabata, for example, is great fun!

Cost: Free


8.  Sweaty Betty

Another brilliant website with totally free workout videos!  What’s not to love?

Sweaty Betty offers traditional workouts along with a Ballet Bootcamp and a Power Yoga Workout.  Which one to try first?!!

Cost:  Free 


9.  Steady Health

The great thing about the personal fitness videos at Steady Health is that as well as your usual range for beginners to advanced, the site also has a number of very specific videos.

For example, there are workouts and exercises suitable for pregnant women, rehabilitation following accident or illness along with stretches you can do in the office.

The website is also packed with articles and other resources on health, wellbeing and personal fitness.

Cost:  Free

man stretching

Photo by Abigail Keenan on Unsplash


10.  Spark People

Last, but by no means least, one final YouTube channel!

Spark People is a mixture of yummy recipe videos and short exercise videos you can fit into even the busiest schedule.

Here’s how to plank!

Cost:  Free

I hope you’ve found this list of ways to improve your personal fitness at home inspiring.  Let me know which idea you like the most in the comments section below.

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  1. Geraldine

    Interesting article Allison! I’ve never heard of any of these workout peeps or organizations so it’s cool to get to know some! Yoga with Adrienne seems lovely and I’d probably choose that before anything else 😆 I use udemy but I never thought about using it for fitness and personal health! Thanks for sharing Alison! x

  2. Ellen

    Some of these sound great! I’m looking for a change in my routine, I’ll need to check these out!

  3. Chloe Chats

    Thanks for sharing these Alison! I want to get more into exercise but would rather do it from home, so these are fab. I might start with the Body Coach one, I used to go to the gym and go to a few classes and my fav classes were aerobics (which I thought would be a gentle one but non-stop jumping around is pretty tiring!). But, I do miss it a lot!

    Chloe xx

    1. Alison

      I’d definitely recommend The Body Coach ones. I was sceptical at first as to whether such short routines work, but I can confirm they do! I’m definitely stronger and fitter than I was to start with. Have fun!

  4. Katrina

    I love using a tabata timer for HIIT workouts, it’s such a great tool for working out at home for free.

  5. Joanna

    I needed this! I’ve been rather under-motivated since my gym closed due to the pandemic. I’ll check some of these out for sure! Thanks!

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