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Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle – Why You’ll Love It!

herb and essential oils

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In this crazy 24/7 stress-filled world, I bet you worry as I do about the health and well-being of yourself and your family.
You want to ensure that you all have a good diet and a healthy lifestyle.  You are increasingly suspicious of the various chemicals in our food, beauty and pharmacy products.
Getting through life in a positive, healthy and happy way can sometimes feel like running a marathon!  Now, I’ve never run a marathon, although I did do a half marathon (that was hard enough thank you!)  What I learned from that experience was that it’s no good only concentrating on one aspect of your well-being.  You need to consider everything.  Diet, training, mental strength and dealing with thoughts and emotions.  A bit like whack-a-mole, if you neglect one thing it will pop back up whilst you are focussing on the others!
One area I’ve always wanted to explore more but haven’t really known how to start is the use of alternative remedies.  I’d also love to reduce the number of chemicals in my life.  
I’ve dabbled with essential oils before.  In particular, lavender which I have found helps me to relax and sleep.  I’ve used a peppermint balm for headaches. On the recommendation of a friend, I also recently took echinacea for a cold which was starting.  It was brilliant, the cold went away and never developed into a full-blown sneeze fest!
How timely was it then that I stumbled across the Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle from Ultimate Bundles?!


What’s An Ultimate Bundle?

I already love Ultimate Bundles having purchased the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit a couple of months ago.  The toolkit is fantastic value and amazing quality.  (I’m still working my way through all the fabulous resources!)   I’ve found their customer service to be absolutely brilliant too so I had no hesitation in purchasing the Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle.
The bundle consists of
  • 22 eBooks
  • 4 eCourses
  • 6 printable packs
  • 2 membership sites
It also has a bonus video – Myth Busting Essential Oils Expert Panel and a bonus eBook on the wonders of garlic.
The value of the total bundle is $567.48.  Here’s the great thing with Ultimate Bundles, they give HUGE discounts.  So, this little lot only cost me an insanely reasonable $47!  
(If you aren’t in the US, don’t be put off that the price is in dollars.  I would recommend paying for anything in dollars with Paypal to get the best exchange rate and no pesky bank charges.  The resources themselves are from a mixture of US and UK contributors).
Now, don’t let the number of resources in the bundle overwhelm you.  Instead, think of it as a library where you can take your time to browse.  That said, I’ve only had the bundle a week and have already signed up for the membership sites and downloaded all the books!  I’m keen, can you tell?!
herbs and essential oils super bundle


What Are The Benefits?

So, if, like me, you want to:

  • separate fact from fiction when it comes to herbs and essential oils
  • confidently prepare herbal extracts, salves, and balms
  • properly dilute oils for topical use
  • learn blending principles for aromatic use
  • learn which herbs can liven up your meals (and add health benefits)
  • know which herbs are safe for pregnancy, babies and children
  • create beauty products without harmful ingredients
then this incredible deal is definitely for you!  You can also buy the bundle as a gift for someone.
Simply purchase using your own details. Then email customerservice@ultimate-bundles.com to ask them to transfer the email account to your chosen lucky friend or family member!
Ultimate Bundles say:
We’ve partnered with the most credible experts in natural remedies to create a curated collection of recipes, research, and eye-opening tutorials.  
We’re making it easier for you to use natural remedies, like herbs and essential oils, to relax, clean, prevent, treat, and promote honest-to-goodness health and wellness!
So, what about the resources themselves?  Click here to find out exactly what’s included in the bundle.
Here is a pick of my favourites so far.


The Herbarium

One of the most amazing resources in the bundle is the 1-Year Membership to The Herbarium by The Herbal Academy (valued at $45.00 – almost the price of the bundle by itself!)
There is so much to explore in The Herbarium.  It contains tons of useful information whether you are a beginner or someone with more experience.
Firstly there is a huge library of articles (again don’t feel overwhelmed, it’s a library, you don’t have to read all of it!)  
The library covers topics including:
  • aromatherapy
  • food and cooking
  • herbal traditions
  • wildcrafting
As well as articles, the library also contains videos and podcasts.
The ‘monograph’ section of the Herbarium contains handy reference cards for every variety of herb you can think of!
Finally, there are also a number of more intensive programs to explore topics in more detail.


Herbal First Aid Travel Kit

Next up is the DIY Herbal First Aid Travel Kit: The Herbal Remedies You Need to Pack Before You Leave Home by Chris Dalziel 
This course on its own costs $97 full price!  So even if you only access this one resource you have more than paid for the bundle!
I signed up to the kit using the access code I was provided.   This gave me access for $0 and this is the menu I arrived at:
herbs and essential oils bundle 1

Browsing through the lessons in the course, I clicked on homemade tea for sleep.  Perfect if you struggle, like me, in getting to and staying asleep.

home made tea for sleep

Who knew that you could make your own tea bags??

And how about the forehead headache remedy I’ve used before?  Well, now I can make my own!

homemade herbal headache remedy

I can’t wait to explore the rest of this course and build up my natural first aid kit!


Essential Oils

There is plenty of choice of reading and guidance in the bundle if you are interested in essential oils.  The guides give safety, dilution and where to buy advice along with a ton of different recipes and uses!
The essential oil safety cards give you at a glance printable cards.  These show which oils can be safely used with children, pregnant women, pets and so on.
The Essential Oils Quick Reference Guide gives you quick and easy charts to follow for diluting oils.  It also has tons of suggested uses for various oils. (I’m definitely going to try more than just lavender!)

Bring On The Bath Bombs!

From the beauty product section, I loved the eBook The Nerdy Farm Wife’s Natural Bath Bombs (valued at $9.99).
So pretty!
There’s nothing better than sinking into a hot, beautifully fragranced bath at the end of a long hard day!  I’m so going to have a go at making my own bath bombs after reading this, I’ll let you know how it goes!  
The book contains a whole ton of different recipes.
(In fact, the whole bundle contains a whopping 444 different recipes for you to make at home!) 

Wildcrafting Weeds

I also enjoyed reading Wildcrafting Weeds: 20 Easy to Forage Edible and Medicinal Plants (that might be growing in your backyard!) by Colleen Codekas (valued at $12.00).
Who knew that you can make a delicious pesto or salad from weeds in your garden??!
The recipes in the guide sound delicious. It’s just a shame all the weeds are currently dead in the UK due to the winter!  
For example, this little weed, purslane, which plagues our patio in the summer can be made into a smoothie!  
portulaca-oleracea- common purslane
Purslane watch out, I’m coming to get you!
So, do I recommend the Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle?  Absolutely yes!  Even if you only use a few of the resources, it more than pays for itself. Once you’ve downloaded all the eBooks you have them forever!
All bundles also come with a 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If for any reason, you decide that the Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle is not for you, then you just send an email to customerservice@ultimate-bundles.com and they will refund 100% of your investment. No questions asked.
I can’t wait to start trying out some of the recipes, I’ll keep you updated as to how I get on!
To read all of the details of the Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle, along with the complete list of everything included click here >>>



And if you are ready to purchase your bundle just click below!




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  1. Shaun Cassidy

    This is Brilliant

    We went to buy a Jo Malone candle for a friends Birthday last week and it was well over $100AU

    and we have those stick thingys in a jar of oils that makes our bathroom smell more bearable

    so great to not only know how to make your own but also to be able to know what the properties of each oil and their benefits

    i already know who i am gifting this to.

    thanks for the inspiration


  2. hanmwill

    Sounds like you got a bargain, Alison! Can’t wait to hear about how you get on with it all!!

  3. Katie

    This looks amazing! I’m often a bit wary of herbal remedies online because some websites make some pretty lofty claims, but things like herbal teas are amazing. I drink peppermint or ginger when I’ve got a tummy ache and sometimes echinacea in the winter but it would be great to learn more! Also the foraging part looks awesome, that’s something I’ve dabbled in a bit this year picking a few berries but there’s so much more to do. And the bath bombs! Aaaah there’s so much I love! Hopefully I’ll get a bit of money for Christmas haha!

    1. Alison

      Ah yes berries, that’s probably the only thing I’ve ever foraged! I’ve always found that really relaxing, another benefit! X

  4. Geraldine

    Wow that Ultimate Bundle sounds really comprehensive!! I love essential oils, I’m just getting started with them but I am loving the idea of all these benefits they give! I actually just got my essential oil bundle today and I can’t wait to use them!! Great review Alison, thank you for sharing!! 🙂

  5. Ellen

    Wow, it sounds like you got a great discount! It sounds great!

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