Get Out Of Your Own Way! How To Build a Positive Mindset

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Do you ever set yourself goals and attack them full on, only for your enthusiasm to wane after a few days?

For example, maybe you’ve set a goal to lose weight.  You write out your meal plan, do the shopping and schedule your gym visits on the calendar.

After a couple of days, some doubts creep in.  “I haven’t got time to go to the gym today” or “this isn’t working, what’s the point?”

The negative thoughts can catch us unawares and lead to us feeling less than motivated.  So we skip the gym.  Then we beat ourselves up for skipping the gym which leads to more negative thoughts and off we head in a downward spiral!

The problem with setting goals is that we need consistency to achieve them.  If we don’t address our negative thinking, then we are doomed to failure.

A wise work colleague once told me ‘the only thing that will stop you Alison is you’.  Over the years, I’ve come to realise that this is most definitely true.

Numerous times in the past my negative thinking has got in the way I’ve talked myself out of doing things.

I’ve got in my own way.

I know from talking to readers of this blog that all of this will resonate with many of you.

I also know from doing the research for the posts and guides I’ve written so far, and from trying to practice what I preach, that it is possible to change.

Yes, you can build a more positive mindset.

You can challenge your negative thinking and get out of your own way.  It’s entirely possible to be motivated, confident, achieve your goals and to live a better life.

So in order to learn how work through the following posts from the Little Blog of Positivity which can help you.

Overcoming Negative Thinking

The first step to this is becoming aware of your negative thoughts.  This can be easier said than done as oftentimes they are subconscious.

This post on the power of your subconscious mind can help you to identify your negative thoughts and to overcome them.

A valuable tool I’ve found which unlocks negative thinking is mindfulness meditation.

It’s also a great idea to journal what comes up for you during meditation.  However small or insignificant it might seem, journal the thoughts which come up and then reflect on them.  You might be surprised at what is holding you back.

Something I identified early on in the early days of me practising meditation was my tendency to overthink things.  I would end up stuck in a spiral of overanalysis, which would definitely lead to ‘analysis paralysis’!

Speaking to others I realise this is a very common issue!  So I wrote a post about it which has subsequently been the most-read post on the Little Blog of Positivity so far!  Check it out.  👇👇👇

How to Stop Overthinking – 7 Powerful Ideas

Here are another couple of useful posts to help you cultivate that positive mindset.

11 Proven Strategies For A Positive Mental Attitude

5 Valuable Resources for a Positive Mindset

No Motivation? How to get your Mojo back

Build Confidence

Another issue that gets in the way for many of us is a lack of confidence in ourselves and our abilities.

Head on over to The Ultimate Guide to Increased Self-Confidence for tips on how to build your confidence.

For an even more in-depth guide grab your free copy of Self-Confidence Unleashed. This 43-page e-book will help you master your self-confidence and overcome limiting beliefs
Another great way of building confidence is to push yourself out of your comfort zone.  Even if just a little bit!  This post contains inspiring stories from people who’ve done just that.

Rock Your Goals

Once you’ve got the mindset a bit more sorted.  It’s time to set some goals and then go out and smash them!  Here’s how.

9 Sure-Fire Ways to Achieve your Goals

SMART Goal Examples to Rock Your Year

Finally, if you are flagging and feel like giving up, then be sure to check out this post which I always turn to when I feel this way.  The stories of these 14 inspirational people will be just the boost you need!

I’d love to hear how you get on with getting out of your own way!  Drop me an email at alison@littleblogofpositivity.com and tell me your story.  Or you can find me hanging out on Twitter.

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How to build a positive mindset