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Do You Need A Professional Organizer?

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If like me, you feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day and that your life and home never quite feel organized, you may have dreamed of hiring a professional organizer.

In reality, this would probably prove somewhat expensive! (Although do let me know if you’ve gone down this route, I’d love to hear about it!)

do you need a professional organizer

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Working full time plus spending around 15 to 20 hours a week on this blog as well as trying to have a social life and manage my home gives me a lot to do!
I know that many of you feel the same. In fact, I asked my Twitter followers recently what their biggest challenges were to staying organized.
Feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day was a biggie. Along with clutter, feeling organized at the weekend but not in the week and having unrealistic to do lists.
Does this sound like you?
Well, I’ve found an amazing resource that can help!
I was pleased to have the opportunity to be able to preview the latest bundle from my friends at Ultimate Bundles. As soon as I saw its title ‘The Ultimate Productivity Bundle’ I was so excited to find out what was in it.
Within a couple of days of diving in, I had implemented a couple of simple things that have made a huge difference in my life.
I know you are going to love it too.

What Is The Ultimate Productivity Bundle?

I’ve been a huge fan of Ultimate Bundles since purchasing their Genius Bloggers Toolkit last autumn closely followed by the herbs and essential oils super bundle.

Ultimate Bundles have been around for a number of years now and basically give you a HUGE library of resources on a particular topic for a massively discounted price.

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle is just $49.97 for 46 products worth $1,506.90!

When I saw this particular bundle advertised I had to have it!  I also didn’t want to keep it to myself.

So, this bundle consists of:

  • 14 eCourses
  • 5 eBooks
  • 26 printable packs & workbooks, and
  • 1 summit

To help you out, the bundle is divided into the following categories:

  • Daily Planners
  • Goal Planners
  • Goal Setting
  • Home Management
  • Mindset & Self-care
  • Productivity at Work
  • Time Management

In the bundle, you’ll be able to find a ton of resources that will give you strategies to conquer your to-do list, reach your goals, and free up more time for activities that make you feel like YOU.

The great thing as well is that you don’t have to access all these amazing resources at once.  You can take your time. 

Click here to view the full contents of the bundle

You can download all the ebooks and printables to use whenever you like and many of the courses have lifetime access.  (I find it so much fun signing up to the courses on the bundles, pop the code you are provided with into the sign-up page and ‘voila’ you are in!) 

All bundles also come with a 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If for any reason, you decide that the bundle is not for you, then you just send an email to the friendly, helpful folks at  customerservice@ultimate-bundles.com and they will refund 100% of your investment

My Favourite Resources So Far


daily planners

I know that you love a good planner as much as I do.  There are literally hundreds of planner pages to choose from in this bundle!  And if you get bored of those, for a limited period there is also a bonus offer for a 3-month membership to List Plan It. This has over 1000 downloadable planner pages and lists!
I headed straight for the daily planner section of the bundle and printed out a couple of planners to try out.
The first one I picked out was the Simply Scheduled Workbook.  I loved its simple design but also how comprehensive it is.

I played about with the various planner pages for a few days.  My favourites were:

All The Things

This page is where you can brain dump everything that’s in your head!  I’ve now printed a few of these off and have them in the front of the pretty new file I bought 🙂

pretty yellow a4 folder

Task List

These two pages have literally transformed my life over the last couple of weeks.  The first page is where you brainstorm tasks which you need to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

task list

The workbook also includes a handy list of household and regular tasks to get you started.

I’ve previously tried different ways of keeping on top of chores in the house.  I’ve tried doing a bit each day which worked for a while and also have tried storing it all up for the weekend.  Both ways, things have quickly got out of hand and I’ve gone back to feeling overwhelmed again!

So, I spent 10 minutes brainstorming all the tasks.  Then for the weekly tasks, I allocated days to each task.  Then I wrote them on the chronological page, stuck it in my folder and also took a photo of the page to keep on my phone.

My house has honestly never been tidier!  I’m amazed by how much I can get done with just doing a couple of tasks each morning or evening during the week.  And it means I don’t have to spend half the weekend cleaning anymore.  You have no idea how happy these two planner pages have made me!

ePlanner – List Plan It

I also printed off the ePlanner by List Plan It.  (This is actually a writable PDF so you can also populate it on your desktop/laptop).

planner e planner

I loved how this one had various different daily planners.  So you can play around and find the one that suits you best.  Scheduling my day really helps me to get things done and also makes sure I have free time to relax.

Trello Course

If you prefer an electronic planner, or like to use one in conjunction with your paper planner, there is an absolutely BRILLIANT course included in the bundle.  Trello is free to register for and use and it may well be the electronic version of a professional organizer!

organize your life with trello

This course alone is valued at $47.  So even if you only take this course and use a few of the planners/read a couple of the e-books, you have more than paid for the bundle!

I was completely new to Trello but the course is really easy to follow.  The course also includes numerous template Trello boards and cards you can use to get organized straight away!

Here’s a screenshot from the course which shows you some of the ready-made boards contained within the course. I’m loving the meal planning ones where you can include photos of your favourite recipes.

trello course boards list


Email Management

Do you feel out of control with your inbox?  Do you have 100s (or even 1000s) of emails waiting to be opened?  The Personal Productivity Toolkit (valued at $197) is another extremely comprehensive course included in the bundle.  Again, as you can see, even if you only use this one resource you have more than paid for the bundle!

the personal productivity toolkit

I’ve only scratched the surface of this one but already it has transformed my work inbox!  By just following the simple tips in the toolkit, I no longer feel out of control with 100s of emails waiting to be answered!

Work By Design Summit

This is another fantastic work-related resource in the bundle.  Valued at $67 the summit brings together amazing experts in the fields of productivity, finding your purpose and running profitable businesses.

I only just registered for this one (you get lifetime access) but I’m so excited to dive in and start listening to the talks.

The summit also includes bonuses including a 70-page ebook ‘The Do Less Method’ which I can’t wait to read.

work by design summit



There’s just one more thing to tell you: I am also offering a bonus of my own. Buy through my link, and you’ll get the fantastic Make It Happen Video Course.  This bonus will help you to rock those goals this year!   You can redeem your bonus by emailing your bundle receipt to alison@littleblogofpositivity.com


So remove the need for hiring a personal organizer and pick up your bundle right now!

I know you are going to love it!

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  1. Alice Jane

    Oh wow I might check this out! Often feel overwhelmed with doing a full time job, publishing courses, and trying to maintain a social life so I’m not a hermit 😂

    1. Alison

      I’d definitely recommend it, just trying out a couple of things in the bundle has helped me out 🙂 Don’t wait too long, it’s discounted till Monday x

  2. Alyssa

    I have never heard of this before! I do like a good list and it looks really pretty!
    Perfect for people juggling alot of responsibilities.


  3. Baby Boomer Super Saver

    I use an “At A Glance” calendar – the type that shows the whole month at a glance. That’s about it!
    However, after watching Marie Kondo’s series on Netflix, we have started the process of decluttering our home, which I think is going to help us to be way more organized!

    1. Alison

      I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Marie Kondo. I love the ‘sparks joy’ idea, but all that folding…. I read her book a while back and then found one by a different author which I’ve found easier to implement. It’s called ‘Decluttering at the Speed of Life’ by Dana White. I reviewed it in this post 🙂

  4. Tara Pipito

    I did the same thing! I tried to re-organize after watching Marie and became completely overwhelmed at just the folding alone. Having kids, a lot of her methods are way to time consuming. Like you said in your blog post here, there is not enough hours in a day. Being organized is important, as gives a peace of mind, but on top of all the other things I have to do in the day, i need an easy method to not only keep my surroundings organized but my mind as well.

  5. Lozza

    Things like this are definitely worth it! I’ve created my own and it really helps me finish the day feeling like I’ve actually achieved something! xo

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