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7 Uplifting & Inspirational Podcasts To Jump Start Your Day

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I first started listening to inspirational podcasts a couple of years ago. I’ve found them to be a brilliant thing to listen to on the way to work on a morning.

Listening to an inspirational podcast sets me up for the day. I love the conversational feel of podcasts, it’s as though you are in the room and are part of the conversation.

I also listened to specific inspirational podcasts around blogging and how to become a blogger whilst I was setting up my blog.  I’ve continued to find these to be massively helpful as my blog grows.

Today I’d like to share with you 7 of my favourite inspirational podcasts. I’ll tell you a little bit about each one, what you can expect plus inspiring episodes for you to check out. I hope that you will enjoy.

1. Lessons From A Quitter.

This podcast was recommended to me by fellow blogger Shaun of Project Palm Tree.

Podcast show host Goli is herself, a quitter. She quit a top job in law to become a podcaster. This podcast covers many inspiring stories of people who did the same.

It’s also packed with tips which could help you if you are questioning whether you could do with a change. Goli says that her website and podcast are based on the belief that it is ‘never too late to start over’.

My favourite episodes so far include the teacher who became a Pinterest Strategist (now there’s an idea…) and an interview with a life coach who explains what life coaching can do for you.

Next up on my playlist is an episode on how to stop being nice and become your authentic self.

2. Live. Life. Better.

This is a UK podcast from Virgin and Penguin. I’ve listened to one episode so far, ‘The Secrets Of Sleep’. The episode includes a fascinating interview with Jason Ellis, the only professor of sleep in the world! There are some great tips in this podcast if you’re struggling with sleep.

Next up on my playlist is an episode about resilience which includes interviews with a number of authors on the subject.

3. Problogger

This podcast by Darren Rowse is one for my fellow bloggers. The podcast has regular episodes going back to 2015. Many of them are very practical, tip based episodes that you can put in place straight away.

For example, I used one of the very early episodes on creating an elevator pitch for your blog to help create my about page.

Darren has episodes which run in a series, for example, ‘31 Days To Building A Better Blog’. I promise you if you work through these episodes, you will definitely make some improvements to your blog.

One thing I have found is it is a little bit easy to become overwhelmed! So I don’t have an ‘up next’ episode planned for this particular podcast.

Instead, I’m going to go back and re-listen to a couple of my favourite episodes. Then I’ll focus on implementing one or two things from those before I move on.

Another thing to be aware of with some of the older episodes. Where Darren talks about technical stuff, make sure you do a bit of extra research as this stuff changes, a lot!

For example, he talks about having pop-ups in one of his earlier episodes. Google now penalises sites which have over-intrusive pop-ups, so take care.

4. Ted Radio Hour

I’ve been a fan of the famous TED talks for some time. I discovered this one early on in my podcast listening journey. There are literally hundreds of episodes to choose from so you’re bound to find something that appeals to you.

Each episode focuses on a topic and includes excerpts from actual TED talks.

One of my favourite episodes so far was ‘How Things Spread’. This looks at how things like laughter, viral ideas, imagination and even sadness spread. The episode includes snippets from TED talks with Bill Gates and Seth Godin

Another favourite is ‘The Better You’. This features Jia Jiang who purposefully put himself through rejection for 100 days! I highly recommend the full Ted Talk with Jia which is both hilarious and inspirational!



Next up on my playlist is ‘Painfully Funny’. This episode looks at how we use humour. I also have ‘Approach With Kindness’ which looks at the power of gratitude and appreciation.

5. 10% Happier

This is a podcast from Dan Harris, an American journalist turned meditation guru. I love the Twitter bio for 10% Happier which asks ‘Interested In Meditation But Allergic To Woo Woo?’

My favourite episode so far is an interview with Oliver Burkeman who writes ‘This Column Will Change Your Life’ in The Guardian.

‘The Power Of Negative Thinking’ is all about noticing negative thoughts and learning from mistakes and failure. Oliver talks about how we should do this rather than ignoring negative thoughts or trying to push them away.

Next up on my playlist is an interview with Mark Epstein without whom Dan says he never would have discovered meditation. Mark talks about the links between Buddhism and psychotherapy.

I’ve also added ‘The Benefits Of Generosity’ to my queue. This episode talks about kindness and why good guys don’t have to always finish last.

6. Feel Better, Live More

Another UK podcast, hosted by Dr Rangan Chatterjee who you may have seen on the BBC Breakfast sofa if you’re in the UK.

One of my favourite episodes to date is ‘How to Do Less, Do it Better and Live More’ with Elizabeth Emens, author of ‘The Art of Life Admin’.

‘Life admin’ isn’t something I’d thought about before. When you do think about it, it’s amazing how much time is taken up with tasks such as making a doctor’s appointment or sorting out your car insurance. There are some great tips in this podcast for how to reduce the burden of this life admin.

Another of my favourite episodes is ‘The Untapped Wellbeing Resource’.

This episode covers research which has shown that visiting museums and art galleries can have a positive impact on wellbeing. Straight after listening to this episode, I visited the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead, UK. Even though modern art isn’t really my thing I can report that I did feel calmer after the visit!

cat art baltic gateshead

My favourite art installation at The Baltic 😍 😻

Next up on my playlist for this podcast is ‘Training Secrets of Hollywood Stars’. I’m hoping that it will re-energise my somewhat stagnant fitness routine!

7. Bryony Gordon’s Mad World

I first started listening to this when it was all over the news that she had interviewed Prince Harry!

Bryony interviews famous people about their experiences with mental health. The interview with Prince Harry was excellent, very candid and personal. I went on to listen to her interviews with Matt Haig and Stephen Fry. Next up on my list is the one with Frank Bruno.

So there we have some of my favourite inspirational podcasts. Have you listened to any of these? What are your favourite episodes? And do you have any other inspirational podcasts which you can recommend?

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  1. Shaun

    Fantastic List Alison!
    So glad that you subscribed to ‘Lessons from a Quitter’. – Brilliant isn’t it (and isn’t she)

    I didn’t realise that Dan Harris had a Podcast – I shall be checking THAT out :).

    ‘Feel Better, Live More’ & ‘Bryony Gordon’s Mad World’ aslosound like they are well worthy of a Liten – and so I shall!

    Thanks again for the Heads up


    1. Alison

      Thanks Shaun, yes I’m really enjoying lessons from a quitter, very inspiring! There are so many great podcasts out there 🙂

  2. Marie

    I listen to podcasts when silence is too much to bear but I can’t tolerate music. I will try some of these. Thanks for sharing.

  3. hanmwill

    I’ve been looking for some new podcasts to listen to and some of these sound amazing! Will definitely be check them out, thanks for sharing Alison!

  4. Chloe Chats

    I really enjoy listening to podcasts when I want to relax! I love TED talks too, but I haven’t listened to the Ted Radio Hour so I’ll definitely have to have a listen to that. Also love the sound of Lessons from a Quitter.. never too late to start over, something I need to remind myself! Thanks for sharing these Alison!

    Chloe xx

    1. Alison

      Thanks Chloe 🙂 The Ted Radio Hour ones are great plus they give you a taster of various Ted talks which you can then go and check out later. Enjoy!

  5. Geraldine

    I don’t often listened to podcasts but I have listen to Ted Talks before and I love it! It’s so uplifting. We’ll look into the others! Thank you for sharing 😍

  6. Loniesha

    Ahh! I’ve got to add these to my list on my podcast app & actually start back listening to them! I get so caught up with everything else that I just don’t get around to it! You always seem to get me back on track when I’m slipping, haha! ♥

    1. Alison

      Glad to be of service 😀 I got myself some decent quality earphones so I can listen when I have a spare 5 mins, if that helps x

  7. Abby Heird

    So many of these sound awesome! I have a couple long road trips coming up and I’m going to go through a couple of these. Especially the ProBlogger and the TED Radio Hour! Thanks, Alison!

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